The man who inspired Israeli publicity

The friends of Ari Fuld, including senior figures from around the world, recall his character, a year after he was assassinated.

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David Friedman eulogizes Ari Fuld
David Friedman eulogizes Ari Fuld
Courtesy of Boomerang

Josh Hasten reports from the Gush Etzion ceremony on the anniversary of the murder of warrior for Israel Ari Fuld.

People from all over Israel and some from overseas attended the moving event, including Col. Richard Kemp, former British military forces commander in Afghanistan, and Dr. Harold Rhode, former Pentagon specialist on the Middle East.

Josh also spoke to many other friends of Ari who told stories of how Ari inspired them to stand up for Israel, whether in the IDF, on social media, or throughout the world of public diplomacy. Guests include Avi Abelow, Brian of London, Zahava Englard Shapiro, Rachel Moore, Nadia Matar, Yehudit Katzover, and more.