Israel adds four Arab terrorists to no-fly list

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri bars four Arabs linked to terror groups - including two women - from leaving Israel.

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Ben Gurion Airport
Ben Gurion Airport
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The Israeli Interior Ministry on Monday moved to bar four Arabs suspected of working in close conjunction with the Hamas terror organization from leaving the country.

On Monday, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri signed administrative orders prohibiting the four terror suspects from leaving the country, after security officials provided the minister with evidence of the four suspects’ links to Hamas and their anti-Israel activities.

The four have been identified as Muhammed Toufik Hassan Shalabi, Ameen Rashid Moussa Shweiki, Hanadi Muhammed Jabbar Salam Maqauwi, and Hadija Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Jala.

According to the information provided to Minister Deri, the four are major terrorist activists with Hamas and are involved in efforts to escalate tensions on the Temple Mount. Permitting them to leave the country would constitute a major security concern for the State of Israel, Deri ruled, signing the no-fly order.

“Based on the materials shown to me, it is clear that permitting them to leave the country would cause real harm to state security and increase the risks of terrorist activity in Israel,” said Deri, “therefore I banned them from leaving.”

The no-fly order will remain in force for 30 days, at which point Deri will have the option of extending the order.