'Mr. Prime Minister, I stand behind you'

Thousands participate in the launch of MK Nir Barkat's (Likud) new book.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Thousands at Nir Barkat's book launch
Thousands at Nir Barkat's book launch

Thousands of people took part on Sunday evening in the launch of MK Nir Barkat's (Likud) new book.

The event was attended by the wife of the Prime Minister, Sara Netanyahu, as well as by ministers, Knesset members and Likud activists. Singer Sarit Hadad made an appearance as well.

In his address, MK Barkat expressed support for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, saying, "The Likud has always been a home that respects and empowers its leadership. Faithfulness and cohesion are the secret of our success, unlike the other parties which behead their leaders. At all stages of my life, I learned that it is precisely in times of difficulty and crisis that people are tested.”

"Mr. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, I stand behind you and support you, as Prime Minister and as chairman of the Likud movement, and in your important efforts to establish a broad unity government. I wish the people of Israel that you will continue to lead the country in the face of all the challenges we face," added Barkat.

"I joined the national leadership with the goal of bringing my life experience, and the model that succeeded in Jerusalem, to the entire State of Israel,” continued Barkat, who served as Mayor of Jerusalem before being elected to the Knesset. “I joined the Likud, because I believe in the way of the Likud, the way that is loyal to our historic right to all parts of the Land of Israel and the way that is committed to strengthening sovereignty and settlement.”

"The Likud for me is also a loving family. When I joined, I did not ask for a reserved spot, and I did not make any assumptions. I ran like everyone else. I’ve never received success on a silver platter. Not in the army, not in the high-tech industry, not in Jerusalem, and not on the national level. I toured our beloved country from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, and I have been able, thanks to you all and with the help of God, to be elected to a proper place in the leadership of the movement, and this is another opportunity to thank you for your exciting and extraordinary support.”

"For all the parties that believe in our common future, here in the Land of Israel: A real unity is an obligation, focus on the common denominator, and not on what separates us. No boycotts and no disqualifications. As Mayor of Jerusalem, I was successful in forming a wall-to-wall coalition of secular and haredim, right and left, and I have no doubt that this can be done at this time in the entire country.”