Israeli citizen arrested on suspicion of supporting ISIS

20-year-old resident of Bedouin village in southern Israel arrested for supporting, seeking to join ISIS in Syria.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the guns and binoculors
the guns and binoculors
Police spokesperson

Police and Shin Bet arrested a 20-year-old Tel Sheva resident on suspicion of supporting and identifying with the ISIS terrorist organization, as well as expressing a desire to join the fighting in Syria.

The young man was arrested about a month ago, and in his home, many clothing items identified with the terrorist organization were found.

Among the items found were guns, vests, kneepads, and binoculars.

The suspect's arrest has been extended several times. Last week, a prosecutor's statement was filed and the indictment was filed against him by the Southern District Attorney's Office.

The police stated: "The Israeli police will continue to assist in exposing suspects operating for the Islamic State terrorist organization, and together with the competent authorities, will take the necessary enforcement measures to prevent any activity that adversely affects state security, including the dissemination of the Islamic State terrorist organization in Israel."