Amazon Boys Choir Releases Hit Song

6 children of Chabad shluchim in the Amazon Rainforest take part in their parents' mission to awaken Judaism in the local Jewish community.

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Baruch Hashem, 5780’s dawns upon us with a new generation of six Amazon born Shluchim that take active part in their parents’ mission to rescue and awaken real Judaism within the local Jews and visitors. They do it in a beautiful way with the pure Jewish pride and utmost joy that only children have. But it requires a great deal of sacrifice too.

These kids were born to Rabbi Arieh Raichman and his wife Dvora Leah since they arrived in the Amazon Rainforest ten years ago. Far away from Jewish schools, Jewish neighborhoods, Jewish camps and other Jewish children, their world evolves around their own home; Their contact with teachers and the rest of the Jewish world happens through the internet. And yet, they are happy, clever and healthy children in every aspect, Baruch Hashem! Why? Maybe it’s because they have been involved in their parents “job” since the beginning.

They study, play, pray and live their childhood just like other Jewish children anywhere around the world, but on top of that somehow they understand the importance of what is going on at their Chabad House. You can tell that they really enjoy seeing new people become regulars at Shabbos prayers and holidays. It’s like they took their parents responsibility upon themselves as well. They refer to themselves as Shluchim, not as sons and daughter of Shluchim. The reason is because they do not come from a different city or country; they came straight from Heaven.

Let us be inspired by these little Shluchim! Let’s give them a hand in rescuing and welcoming more Jewish souls to the Amazon’s Beit Chabad! We don’t even have to leave the comfort of our neighborhoods, nor give up the pleasant weather of our towns in order to take part in this amazing Shlichut. They already took on the hardest part.

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Here are other videos connected to the campaign as well.

Jewish Amazon Campaign: Beit Chabad Manaus from Charles Mendez on Vimeo.