Erdan: Violence in Arab sector an 'emergency'

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan meets police commanders, develop strategies to curb violence within the Arab sector.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

A short time ago an emergency meeting held by the Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan with the acting police commissioner, Motti Cohen and police commanders in connection with the recent incidence and violence within the Arab communities over the last period of time.

During the briefing the Police Command presented to the Minister of Internal Security the preparation for the police to deal with the recent incidence and action and steps to take to strengthen the sense of security in the Arab communities.

At the end of the briefing a number of operative steps were decided upon.

An increase in operations in certain areas that will include hundreds of police officers.

Increasing the operations of the national unit, Lahav 433, including the designation of special units for the task of dealing and increasing the personal safety of within the Arab communities. That includes the the Edgar Unit and Unit 33, which are capable of dealing with violent incidents in Arab society. Unit 33 will also target targeted crime in the Arab society. Their focus will be on operations in areas with particularly high levels of violence.

In addition the Unit for Combating Economic Crime will increase their administrative work and emphasis on keeping the law In areas were crime members in Arab society are active and they will take all prevention methods to prevent incidents.

Border Reserve Units will be recruited in areas to reinforce operations operating in the field.
Increase in the handling of serious traffic offenses in the Arab communities with emphasis on traffic offenders.

Increase intelligence efforts to prevent further incidents and criminal activity.

Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan said: "The situation in the Arab sector is an emergency situation.
I have instructed the police to fight violence in the Arab sector just as it combats terrorism and by using all possible means."

"I urge the Arab leadership to rise above our differences, to join the fight and work with the police and together with me to achieve the required change in Arab communities. We must change the deterrence and enforcement alongside the cultural and the social change at the cultural change.
In order to increase the deterrence in general we will initiate a meeting with the President of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General and ask them to implement a far more serious punishment policy for those that break the law and cause significant violence in the Arab communities."

Police commissioner Motti Cohen said: "The Police is a national police force that serves all of its citizens and in all societies. We are aware of the sequence of events and dealing with the comprehensively and seriously."

"The police see the utmost importance in strengthening personal security among Arab communities and will use all means in order to deal with the situation."

"At the same time police increase operations but we also call for cooperation from all different parties involved."