UTJ: We're not negotiating with Gantz

Haredi party responds to reports that it is holding secret talks with Blue and White party.

Michal Levy ,

United Torah Judaism members
United Torah Judaism members
Flash 90

The United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party released a clarification on Wednesday evening following reports that it is conducting a silent negotiation with the Blue and White party.

"There is no change and no coalition negotiations are underway with any party. The faction is part of the united bloc on the right headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu,” the party's statement said.

Earlier, it was revealed that during the right-wing bloc’s meeting with the prime minister, Minister Ze'ev Elkin proposed that the parties sign a document pledging to back Netanyahu if both he and a second candidate fail to form a coalition.

According to the law, if the first candidate tasked by the president with forming a government fails to do so within the allotted six-week timeframe, the president can task a second candidate with forming a coalition. That candidate receives four weeks to do so. If this candidate fails as well, there is a 21-day period in which 61 MKs can back a candidate, before the Knesset must be dissolved and a new election called.

According to various reports, Knesset members from the haredi parties and from Yamina refused to commit to such a document.

This led to a wave of rumors of behind-the-scenes negotiations between haredi MKs and Blue and White before UTJ denied the rumors.