Saudi blogger: I am not an Israeli Yemenite Jew

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud responds to claims he is a Jew living in Israel. 'I am from Riyadh, and I love Israel.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud
Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, whose rendition of the Hebrew song 'Avinu Malkenu' went viral, responded to claims that he does not live in Saudi Arabia and is a Yemenite Jew.

"Many here claim that I am Yemenite from Rosh Ha'ayin," Saud said in a video he posted to social media.

He recalled the time he was attacked while visiting the Temple Mount in July. "You have forgotten what the Palestinians did to me. I am not a Yemenite. I am a Saudi from Riyadh. You don't have to believe. I love Israel even if you don't believe."