'UTJ is just 68 votes short of extra seat'

Elections Committee releases protocols from final vote tally. Could UTJ appeal seat allocation?

Michal Levy ,

Yitzhak Pindros
Yitzhak Pindros
Hezki Baruch

The final vote tally for the September 17th election shows that the United Torah Judaism party came up just 68 votes short of an extra seat.

The initial count after the election to the 22nd Knesset showed UTJ with 8 seats, the same number it was initially awarded after the 21st Knesset election in April.

Ultimately, however, UTJ lost its eighth seat to the Likud when the vote count was completed.

In the 21st Knesset, UTJ also lost its eighth seat to the Likud, after the Likud candidate on the party’s 36th slot appealed the Central Election Committee’s seat allocation, claiming that inconsistencies in a number of ballot boxes had inflated UTJ’s vote count just enough to shift one seat from the Likud – a claim which was accepted by a Jerusalem court this summer.

Now, UTJ candidate Yitzhak Pindros – who lost his seat in the 21st Knesset – is considering filing his own claim, which if successful, would seat the Likud lose its 32nd seat to UTJ.

Speaking with Kol Barama Wednesday morning, Pindros said that the protocols released by the Central Election Committee showed UTJ was just 68 votes short of an eighth seat, and that he was considering appealing the seat allocation.

“The protocols were released just before the [Rosh Hashanah] holiday, and we haven’t really had a chance to go over them,” said Pindros. “We have about a week and a half to study them in-depth. If it looks like we have a chance, we will appeal to the courts.”

“We’re just 68 votes short of an eighth seat.”