Watch: Motorized cart goes wild, nearly hits jet at airport

Quick-thinking airport worker in Chicago prevents out-of-control motorized cart from ramming into passenger jet on the tarmac.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aircraft on tarmac at O'Hare Airport
Aircraft on tarmac at O'Hare Airport

A motorized catering cart went out of control on the tarmac at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Monday, nearly crashing into a nearby passenger jet.

In footage of the incident, the motorized cart, loaded with large packs of water, can be seen spinning around in circles, after one of the water packs fell onto the gas pedal. The empty cart then began driving around, while airport employees on the tarmac looked on.

The cart had a near miss with a small passenger jet parked on the tarmac nearby, and appeared to be lined up for a hit when it spun around again, but was ultimately stopped by a quick thinking worker who drove a second vehicle into the path of the oncoming cart, knocking the out-of-control vehicle down, and preventing an impact with the passenger jet.