Beit Shemesh daycare vandalized

For the second time in one month, a haredi daycare in Beit Shemesh is vandalized.

Ben Shaul ,

Daycare (illustrative)
Daycare (illustrative)

A haredi daycare in Beit Shemesh was vandalized over Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year).

Arriving at the daycare, the director discovered that vandals had damaged the building and equipment inside it. Security cameras revealed the youth responsible for the vandalism, and they were located and interrogated.

This is the second time in the past month that the daycare has been vandalized by locals.

"Last Saturday night I arrived at the site and to my shock I discovered that there had been additional vandalism and much damage, this time in a different classroom," the director told The Week in Beit Shemesh. "There is a nearby kitchen and as part of the destruction, the entire classroom was smeared with eggs."

"To my shock, when we opened the security cameras I saw two children were responsible for the acts. After Israel Police closed the case of the previous vandalism, they asked to see the footage from the security cameras. Within a few hours, they had identified the children, and one of them came to the daycare and apologized for the great damage caused."

The neighborhood where the daycare is located is one of the many neighborhoods where haredim have come to live in recent years. As a result, there are frequent conflicts between established residents and new haredi residents regarding the character of the neighborhood.