Goldin family: We will be strong and stubborn

Family of abducted IDF soldier gathers for weekly demonstration in memory of their son and brother.

Elad Benari, Canada ,

Leah Goldin at the UN Human Rights Council gathering in Geneva
Leah Goldin at the UN Human Rights Council gathering in Geneva
UN Watch

The family of Hadar Goldin, the IDF soldier whose body has been held by Hamas in Gaza since 2014, on Friday took part in the weekly “Misdar Hadar” protest at the Black Arrow Memorial in the Gaza envelope in southern Israel.

Hadar’s mother, Dr. Leah Goldin, said, "I visited the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this past week. A place where everyone is equal, regardless of religion, race or gender. I met an Australian ambassador who told me that Hamas has it both ways: Violates international law on the one hand and on the other hand feeds on humanitarian aid.”

“She told me 'I'm a mom too, you're not alone. You are here with me and represent thousands of mothers and families around the world.' All the ambassadors I met realized that preventing burial is anti-Semitic activity. We were able to move the UN, we were able to influence the leadership of the countries and who did not come? The State of Israel did not come. We will bring back Hadar because we have no other choice."

Hadar’s brother, Tzur Goldin, told the crowd, "Our mission in the new year is to dismantle the will of the terrorist organizations to split us and break the Israeli spirit. Facing terrorism, we will become even more united, even stronger and more stubborn and not let our leaders off the hook. Leaders come and go, interests change, but we the citizens stay here."

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