Poll: Israelis against a third election

Majority of Israelis are against a third election campaign, new Channel 12 News finds.

Elad Benari, Canada,

Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and Gantz
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A majority of the Israeli public is against a third election campaign, according to a Channel 12 News poll which was conducted by the Midgam Institute and published on Friday.

The poll found that only 23% of the public is interested in another election. The vast majority, 63%, would agree with their party compromising on its election promises in order to eventually succeed in forming a government.

Should Israelis have to go the polls for a third time, about a third of the public (33%) thinks it will be Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's fault, and only 20% point an accusing finger at Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz. A quarter of the public - exactly 25% - believe that the two leaders equally share the blame.

On the question: "Who do you think won the election?" 32% responded that Gantz is the big winner of the current round. Only 19% said that Netanyahu was the winner, while the overwhelming majority - 49% - believe that neither of the two left the last election campaign with the upper hand.

On the question of who should serve as Prime Minister first in a rotation, 40% supported Gantz, and 38% supported Netanyahu. 22% of respondents said they “do not know”.

Should neither side succeed in forming a government and Israelis will have to go to the polls for a third time, only 11% of the respondents said they plan to change their vote next time, while 64% plan to vote in the same way. 11% replied that this time they would not vote at all to protest the results of the previous elections.

About half of the public (52%) believes that in order to resolve the political impasse, Netanyahu should give up on the premiership and let another MK from the Likud try to form a government. 34% do not believe Netanyahu needs to give up the premiership.

The poll further found that more than half of the public (59%) thinks that Netanyahu should resign if, after his upcoming hearing, the Attorney General decides to indict him. Only 28% think that even in the event of an indictment - Netanyahu can continue to serve as Prime Minister.

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