Labor MK urges Gantz: Don't give in to Netanyahu

MK Merav Michaeli says Blue and White chairman should wait for the opportunity to form a coalition on his own terms.

Elad Benari ,

Meirav Michaeli
Meirav Michaeli
Flash 90

MK Merav Michaeli (Labor) on Thursday called on Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz not to "give in" to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and wait for the opportunity to form a coalition on his own terms.

Speaking in an interview with i24NEWS, Michaeli said that the current political calculus has painted Netanyahu into a narrow corner, making it almost impossible for him to form a coalition government and giving Gantz with a unique advantage.

"The most important this is for... the Blue and White party not to give in to the pressure or whatever is being applied on them and not to give into getting into the government with Netanyahu" where he's first in a rotation deal, she said.

Michaeli added that she believes that if Gantz is given the opportunity to form a government after Netanyahu, then it’s a whole "new game."

"This is the most thing for Benny Gantz to do now - to be able to keep his party together and just wait for Netanyahu not to be able to form a government."

President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday handed Netanyahu the first opportunity to put together a coalition, though Netanyahu himself admitted that it would be difficult to do so with the backing of only 55 Knesset members and called for a unity government.

Gantz has ruled out joining a government led by Netanyahu due to his facing a "serious indictment."

As he tasked Netanyahu with forming the government, Rivlin revealed that, during his meetings with Netanyahu and Gantz, he proposed a “shared government”, whereby neither bloc would have an advantage.

Rivlin also suggested that the law would be changed to give force and power to the role of the interim prime minister, meaning that whenever the prime minister is unable to fulfill his role the interim prime minister serves as prime minister in all respects.

A subsequent report indicated that Netanyahu agreed to Rivlin's proposal but Gantz turned it down.