Report: Boris Johnson to try to force new elections in UK

After Supreme Court nullified suspension of Parliament, PM reportedly preparing bid to force new elections in the UK.

David Rosenberg ,

PM Boris Johnson
PM Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will return home early from the US early Wednesday and begin efforts to dissolve Parliament and hold new elections after the Supreme Court handed him a major defeat yesterday, The Telegraph reported.

According to the report, which cited an unnamed government sources, Johnson will be cutting his visit to the US short in order to push for snap elections following a Supreme Court ruling Tuesday nullifying the suspension of Parliament.

“People should expect a quick push for an early election with a vote in Parliament in the coming days,” one government source said.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled that the decision to prorogue – that is, suspend – Parliament for five weeks, from September 10 and ending after October 14th, was null and void since, according to the Court, the Prime Minister had misled the Queen in his recommendation to prorogue.

“The decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification,” the Court said in its unanimous ruling.

As a result of the ruling, Speaker John Bercow will reconvene the House of Commons at 11:30 a.m. (local time) Wednesday.

Now, say cabinet officials, Prime Minister Johnson will push for early elections, and will likely table a vote for snap elections on Thursday.

Should the vote to dissolve Parliament and head to early elections fail, as two previous bids to force early elections have, senior cabinet officials have recommended that Johnson to push for Parliament to be prorogued a second time, in defiance of the Court’s ruling.

“We are in truly uncharted territory here. Proroguing Parliament again would not be without risk, but every time the courts and others try to stop the Prime Minister, it reinforces the point that the Government is fighting a lone battle to carry out the will of the people,” one government source told The Telegraph.

Should Johnson succeed in bringing about new elections, most recent opinion polls show the Conservative Party with a significant lead over Labour, though a new ComRes poll for The Telegraph shows the two parties tied at 27% each, with the Liberal Democrats in third at 20% and the Brexit Party in fourth with 17%.

Other polls, however, show the Conservatives with a double-digit lead, including an Opinium survey conducted last week for The Observer, which showed the Conservatives leading Labour by 15 points, 37% to 22%.