Concern in Likud:
Will Liberman allow Gantz to form minority government?

Likud fears Yisrael Beyteinu Chair Avigdor Liberman will allow establishment of minority government led by Gantz, supported by Arab List.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

THe Likud fears that Yisrael Beyteinu Chairman Avigdor Liberman will allow establishment of a minority government headed by Benny Gantz and with the active support of the Joint Arab List.

According to the scenario, Gantz will form a government of the Leftist parties with support of the Joint Arab List, which will win a vote of confidence with the support of 57 Knesset members.

55 Knesset members of the Right and haredi bloc will of course oppose the establishment of such a government, but if the eight members of Yisrael Beyteinu headed by Liberman abstain from voting or be absent, such a government could legally be formed.

"In such a scenario, the government will be headed by Benny Gantz and Netanyahu will end his political path," a Likud official explained.

In order for such a scenario to succeed, it will have to occur within the 28-day period assigned to the second prime ministerial candidate by the President, assuming that the first to accept the task of forming a government from the President will be Netanyahu, but he will not succeed.

Such a scenario would not be possible if this period expires, because in order to form a government in the third 21-day period, a majority of 61 Knesset members are required to request it from the President.

The Rightist bloc negotiating session was held in the Knesset this afternoon, following the meeting of Likud's Yariv Levin negotiating chairman and Blue and White negotiating chairman Yoram Turbovich.

Ministers Levin and Elkin briefed team members on talks so far with Blue and White, and discussed with them the negotiating guidelines.

As part of the update, Minister Levin emphasized that he had made it explicitly clear at the beginning of the negotiation meeting held earlier today that he represents the entire bloc.

At the end of Levin and Turbovich's meeting, a joint statement was issued to both parties that clarified central point of contention at this time.

"Yoram Turbovich wanted to emphasize that as far as he is concerned, Minister Levin represents the Prime Minister and the Likud, while Minister Levin emphasized that he represents all 55 members of the Rightist bloc," the statement said.

It was also noted, "The two agreed that we would update the Prime Minister and the Blue and White Chairman on the contents of the meeting, and then decide on further contacts and further steps."

In the afternoon, it was reported that although the results of the election were officially announced this week, the President is likely to impose the task of forming the government on one of the Knesset Members only on Wednesday next week.

According to the report, it appears that the position will first go to Netanyahu, who enjoys more recommendations than Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz.