Deri: 'Absolute majority want Jewish, non-secular state'

Shas Chairman in Jerusalem: 'We met for first time for one purpose: To thank Creator for the great victory.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Shas Chairman Minister Aryeh Deri spoke on Tuesday evening at a toast ceremony at the Shas branch in Jerusalem and addressed the electoral achievement of the list in the Knesset elections.

"We've gathered here for the first time for one purpose only: To thank the Creator for the great victory," Deri opened his speech and told the story of the victory.

"In the year of two election campaigns, facing polls that didn't give us the electoral threshold, Shas was the last in the poll columns. Even less than Feiglin. We had to explain and excuse. Then came the results. We raised a seat with a total of 17,000 votes. There was great joy," Deri related of the April election results.

"We immediately rolled into another election campaign against severe incitement, with fatigue, with the Prime Minister's troubles. I told everyone that if we kept the number of votes it would be good as far as I'm concerned. It would be very difficult to achieve more in these conditions, especially when Netanyahu's rule was in jeopardy. And here with the grace of G-d 70,000 more votes. Who would have believed. In 2006, these votes resulted in 12 seats," Deri noted, "so thank the Creator."

Deri thanked the activists, "We did an outstanding campaign. The organization was great. Every day of the election, the programming, the telemarketing, and more, but without you, the activists, it wouldn't have happened. Also the righteous women, who took the initiative and set up a headquarters within a few days, succeeded in stirring up some traditional sentiment."

The Shas Chairman later commented, "I said at a conference in Holon that these elections are a referendum on whether there will be a Jewish or secular state here. And what are the results? A majority of Jewish people in Israel, 55 seats, firmly said yes to a Jewish state. Amir Peretz, who did a Jewish social campaign with no word on religion or state, even Blue and White who didn't speak a word on religion and state on Sunday, only at the end of this election. An absolute majority of Jewish people in the State of Israel want a Jewish, non-secular state. That's the clear message of these elections."

Deri called to establish a government quickly, "The State of Israel needs a government as soon as possible. It's impossible to drag out all the political and security tasks. It cannot be dragged on anymore. I'm not afraid of further elections and I'm sure we'd bring more seats. But that isn't the good of the country. Netanyahu and Gantz, I'm glad you met with the President. Don't take into account all the background noise. Unfortunately, the same factors continue to incite and place any obstacle.

"We call to Gantz: G-d's given you a chance to be in the lead, don't listen to all these people who are trying to move you from the correct direction. They're certainly not in your favor. Look at the good of the people and return with Netanyahu and close a good government for the people of Israel. The traditional public, many with transparent kippot. They returned to their natural home. We're committed to giving them the continuation of tradition and moderate Judaism, to show the beauty of Judaism. We'll continue to be the emissary of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef," Deri concluded.