Joint List MK: Gantz in exchange for illegal construction

MK Ofer Cassif says Joint List conditions recommending Gantz on demands including opposition to law against illegal construction.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Ofer Cassif
MK Ofer Cassif
Knesset Spokesperson - Yitzhak Harari

Ahead of the recommendations to the president regarding who should lead the next government, the Joint List made it clear that they will only recommend Benny Gantz if he meets a series of demands they present to him.

In an interview with Galei Tzahal, MK Ofer Cassif said: "We have our demands and we are an actor in the political system. The decision to be made in the faction will obligate us all.

To the best of Cassif's knowledge, his party's demands have, in the meantime, not been accepted by Blue and White. "Our opposition to the Kaminitz Law was from the beginning," he said. "It is a racist law that is only aimed at the Arab public, as is evident from statements made by Ayelet Shaked - that the law was aimed at Arabs."

The Kaminitz Law is intended to increase enforcement against illegal construction and to increase the punishment for such offenses.

It should be noted that the disagreement within the Joint List remains the same, with Balad members still opposing any recommendation of a candidate. In their opinion, such a recommendation would be for someone who will enter a unity government that they do not intend to promote anyway.