Watch: IDF soldiers in Samaria prepare for war

From drive-by shootings and bomb attacks to full-scale war, IDF forces in Samaria prepare for every contingency during military exercises.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Overturned vehicle - part of the training exercise
Overturned vehicle - part of the training exercise
IDF spokesperson

IDF soldiers stationed in Samaria took part in a wide-ranging series of military exercises this week, preparing them for a number of possible scenarios: from drive-by shootings and to bomb attacks, to terrorist infiltrations into Israeli towns, and even large-scale military operations.

The exercises were carried out by the IDF’s Ephraim Brigade – which operates in much of Samaria – and included the Nahshon, Shahar, and Bardales battalions, as well as Border Police officers and MDA emergency first responder units.

During the exercises, units were given ‘surprise’ assignments at various locations. The units conducted searches in the field, prepared makeshift war-rooms for large scale military operations, and trained for a variety of scenarios including terrorist attacks using makeshift explosive devices.

“During the exercise, security forces trained together for a number of extreme scenarios which we have to deal with,” said Major Eran Keres, the chief operations officer for the Ephraim Brigade.

“We, the officers and soldiers of the brigade, will continue to improve our readiness and our capabilities in order to ensure the security of residents in the best way possible.”