'The Netanyahu era is over, he has to go'

Arab MK Ahmed Tibi rejects the idea that a member of the Joint List will serve as opposition chairman.

Ben Ariel ,

Ahmed Tibi
Ahmed Tibi
Flash 90

MK Ahmed Tibi, one of the senior members of the Joint List party, on Wednesday declared that there is no chance that an Arab Knesset would serve in the new Knesset as chairman of the opposition.

In an interview with Channel 12 News, Tibi responded to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's statement that the options available to the State of Israel are a government headed by him or "a dangerous government based on the Arab parties."

"This man continues to incite since yesterday, even after the slap in the face he received from the public," said Tibi.

Asked if Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh will head the opposition, Tibi replied, “The law does not say that the head of the largest party in the opposition automatically becomes the leader of the opposition, but rather that any MK whom most of the MKs in the opposition recommend (will be the chairman of the opposition). An Arab MK will not be allowed to be the chairman of the opposition, so I tell you - this is a utopia.”

Tibi explained what he thought was behind the high voter turnout in the Arab sector. "There is no doubt that there is renewed public confidence in the Joint List. It requires us to work more productively and perform better.”

"Our campaign was dormant and weak, faltering two weeks ago, but a week or ten days ago, a magician placed an alarm clock on the northern and southern entrances of every Arab community, that clock is called the Camera Law, that’s why there was flocking to the polls,” he added, in a jab at Netanyahu.

Tibi criticized the media outlets that claim that the Joint List is among the group of parties that will recommend Benny Gantz for Prime Minister. "I notice that you automatically put us as recommending Gantz, and in the middle you put in Liberman. The chance that Liberman will recommend Gantz is greater than the chance that the Joint List will recommend Gantz. Therefore I demand that you stop automatically placing us on the list of Gantz recommenders.”

"We were told that there will be a meeting between the parties. They will make their demands. We will make our demands, sit down and decide democratically within the Joint List," Tibi continued. "I'm telling you, Gantz is appealing to Liberman, and he's not exactly seriously thinking about the option of sitting with us."

Tibi continued, "We said throughout the campaign that we want to be an influential player, if not as members of the government then through another mechanism, which we already tried in the 1990s. The Netanyahu era is over, and he has to go."