Turnout 2.4% higher than last election

Turnout stands at nearly 64% as of 6 PM.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

צילום: Sraya Diamant/Flash90

The turnout for the elections for the 22nd Knesset stood at 63.7 % as of 6 PM, the Central Elections Committee said Tuesday evening.

That is 2.4 % higher than the turnout at the same during during the last elections in April.

10,885 polling stations were opened this morning across the country, and 6,394,030 citizens were eligible to vote before polls close at 10 PM.

Earlier. President Reuven Rivlin exercized her right to vote at the voting station at the Yefe Nof school in Jerusalem. After voting, the president called on all Israeli citizens to exercise their right and to go and vote.

“On polling day, I generally wish us all a happy election holiday, but recently, we have been celebrating a little too often. Even so, let us not forget that today is a holiday – a celebration of democracy,” said the president on arriving at the voting station.

The president called on Israelis to vote, saying “these elections come as we approach the new year, just before the High Holydays. These are elections on our future, the future of our children and I hope that nobody gives up their right to vote.”

He continued by saying, “Please, even if voting requires you to make an effort – go and vote. Take your children with you. Give it the time it deserves. It is our democratic responsibility to do so.”

“If you don’t vote today, you have no influence tomorrow,” said the president, wishing everyone a happy voting day and a happy new year."