'We are on the road to disaster: Wake up!"

Yamina leaders Bennett and Shaked warn voters to turn out or else residents of the center will need to be within 15 seconds of bomb shelters

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Bennett and Shaked
Bennett and Shaked
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Yamina leaders Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett released a special video calling on their supporters to turn out to vote Tuesday afternoon. The two stood behind the map Bennett had previously presented as what Judea and Samaria would look like under the Trump Administration's peace plan.

"It is now 2:40 PM on election day," Bennett said. "But the right is dormant. I call first and foremost on the settlers in Ariel, Gush Etzion, Judea and Samaria: We are heading for disaster if you do not go out and vote right now. Also the residents of Netanya and the residents of Afula - leave your house now."

Shaked added, "It's time to wake up. We have a couple of hours, we need to take advantage of them. I don't want to hear afterwards crying, 'Oh it's a pity you are small and can't make it into the government. It's in your hands! We're a glorious democracy, you determine your destiny."

"Look at this map, look at this black. I'm currently addressing the residents of Kfar Saba, Jerusalem, Afula, Modi'in: If you don't want to be 15 seconds from a bomb shelter, vote for [Yamina] right now. There can be no crying after the fact. I don't want to hear crying and grief afterwards. We saw this movie already five months ago. We did the right thing and unified all the ideological right and religious Zionism together, so now go out and vote."