PM Netanyahu warns of complacency hours before polls open

Netanyahu: 'I’ve kept status quo - I didn’t allow that to change. I’m committed to that and am going to put it in my coalition agreements.'


Flash 90

In a pre-election interview with ILTV, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned of complacency as the final hours before the election run out.

"I see that Likud is behind Gantz and Lapid's party. So we need the combination of the largest party - the Likud - and the bloc. And this means voting Likud. Likud voters are saying, 'He's going to win anyway; Bibi's going to win anyway - we can afford to stay at home.' Because they stay at home, we're going to lose," the Prime Minister warned.

"I call at this late hour for those who want me to continue to lead the country, in the way that I've led it in the last decade, and made it into a world power in so many ways, then come and vote for me - vote for Likud."