Ayelet Shaked:
'Everyone needs to wake up; things aren't simple'

Yamina Chairwoman calls Likud vote siphoning unnecessary, harming entire bloc: 'Netanyahu needs to leave our voters alone.'

Nitzan Kedar,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
Ehud Amiton/TPS

Yamina Party Chairwoman former Minister Ayelet Shaked is worried about the situation in the field and the data before her, a little less than a day before the polls open.

"We are in a not-simple situation where Netanyahu manages to get in and take our votes. According to our data, the Likud is becoming a huge party and we are a small party and this shouldn't happen. There's no reason for Netanyahu to be with 40 seats and us with 4. I say to the Prime Minister to leave our party and our voters alone. He has to deal with two things: Return the votes of Otzma Yehudit that don't pass the threshold and try to take votes from Liberman and Blue and White," Shaked said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

She said, "The Likud, by all accounts, will clearly be the largest party. We mustn't degenerate into four or five constituencies. Netanyahu wants us small, weak, humiliated, and powerless. This shouldn't happen. I want to appeal to all Zionism in all its forms and paths: We have broad support from all ends of religious Zionism and we need everyone. Everyone needs to wake up, come out, and vote for parties that pass the threshold."

She responded to the Prime Minister's claim that he only needs one seat from her party. "There's no such thing as just one seat. As soon as he starts his war against us, every voter thinks it's just one seat and in the end we're left with four. He also doesn't need any seats from us. It's not that critical if Tali Pluskov is in the Knesset but it is whether Idit Silman is. We're fighting over the eighth mandate and we need religious Zionism with us."

Shaked is very concerned about what will happen in the next government. "Netanyahu and Trump in their plan are planning to establish a Palestinian state and turn the communities in Judea and Samaria into enclaves in Palestine. If we become large and strong, it won't happen.

"The Prime Minister has also spoken of Jewish enclaves in Palestinian territory in the past. I appeal to all settlers in Judea and Samaria and say to them: Vote for those who will strengthen Netanyahu's Right and make sure it is truly a real government," she adds.

Asked about Netanyahu's remarks that his party can also take care of religious Zionism, she replies, "Yuli Edelstein, he is a straight man. In an interview yesterday, he said the Likud never cared about religion-and-state affairs and always left it to the haredim. In the upcoming term, they'll have to elect a Chief Rabbi. The Likud will go with the haredim - and who'll fight for religious Zionist rabbis? The public is mature enough not to buy into tall tales."

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