Yair Lapid: 'It's time for Netanyahu to leave the stage'

Blue & White leader Lapid says that what stood out from the incident in Ashdod was the sentence: 'It's time for the PM to leave the stage.'

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Binyamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid
Binyamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid
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"We have a good chance of winning," Blue and White leader Yair Lapid said in a 103FM Radio interview on Thursday. "Netanyahu won't be allowed to drag us into a third election."

"Netanyahu is used to getting what he wants, but this year it wasn't like that. He failed to form a government. Nothing has been working out for him. Netanyahu's image has been built for many, many years but he isn't living up to it anymore. He couldn't even pass the camera law."

"When someone tells me that he is voting for Netanyahu, I don't think he's stupid but that he doesn't follow Israeli politics. Netanyahu has failed in everything he's done in the last two years. I say to our voters that the important questions in these elections is what [Yisrael Beyteinu chairman Avigdor] Liberman did and who will be the biggest party."

You're in danger. If you start siphoning the votes of the small parties you may eliminate Labor and the Democratic Union.

"We're investigating these issues seriously. There is no danger that the Democratic Union or Labor won't pass the threshold. There is a great danger that Netanyahu will have one more mandate."

What type of government will be formed?

"I am currently engaged in winning elections. I believe that a unity government is the best government for the state of Israel. There is only one person who is preventing this from happening."

"Who are the people who will knock on Netanyahu's door and tell him it's over?"

"We won't allow Netanyahu to drag us into a third election."

Hamas also went over Netanyahu's head in Ashdod. He claimed that they were more happy about it than they were in Gaza.

"No one rejoiced and was happy that the prime minister was taken off the stage because of the rocket fire from Hamas. Gabi Ashkenazi said it best. He didn't go to the protected area because he didn't see where the others could go. The Netanyahu of a few years ago would have also done that but something happened to him and he feels like a king. Netanyahu is a veteran of a commando unit and a few years ago he would have said he wants to make sure everyone had a safe space to go. What stands out from the scene is the actualization of the sentence: 'The time has come to leave the stage.'

There are reports that Israel spied on Trump in Washington.

"From the time of the Pollard affair, Israel determined that it will not spy on the Americans. It's hard for me to think that anyone would do such a thing on their own. I heard the speculation and the prime minister did well by declaring that it wasn't true. What is true is that Trump did a turnabout on Bibi and is interested in meeting with Iran. I am a firm opponent of the nuclear agreement and the fact that they could revert back to a similar agreement is alarming. Incidentally, the Russians in Sochi are also still allowing Iranians to establish themselves in Syria. This shows that Netanyahu has lost support."

Has the issue of the rotation agreement [for prime minister] been decided?

The major Channel 12 poll determined that if we quit the rotation we would lose two mandates which would go to Liberman."