Yamina unveils plan to deport infiltrators

Yamina head Ayelet Shaked and south Tel Aviv activist Sheffi Paz formulate a plan to expel infiltrators and bring quiet to the neighborhood.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shaked with Doron Avrahami, Sheffi Paz and Chaim Goren.
Shaked with Doron Avrahami, Sheffi Paz and Chaim Goren.
Credit: Public relations

Residents of south Tel Aviv led by Sheffi Paz announced their support for Yamina on Thursday as a continuation of the joint work of Yamina chairman Ayelet Shaked and south Tel Aviv residents to expel infiltrators from Israel and bring quiet to south Tel Aviv.

Shaked and Paz presented their plan and demands for coalition negotiations regarding infiltrators on Facebook Live on Thursday afternoon.

"This is a serious detailed plan which essentially incentivizes infiltrators to leave," Shaked said. "But if there is no right-wing government with a strong Yamina, it will be difficult to carry it out."

Sheffi Paz noted: "Yemina is finally a party that takes responsibility and is officially committed to making a change in immigration policy."

Doron Avrahami, another leader in south Tel Aviv, noted: "Yamina will apply sovereignty in south Tel Aviv. The time has come for sovereignty and governance not only in the Jordan Valley but in the center of the country."

Chaim Goren, a member of the Tel Aviv City Council and a resident of south Tel Aviv, added, "I appeal to Religious Zionist members - if the residents and neighborhoods [of south Tel Aviv] are important to you, vote only for Yamina."