Shaked: Netanyahu trying to crush Yamina

Yamina leader accuses PM of deliberately fighting his natural partners, endangering possibility of right-wing government.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Yamina campaign

Yamina chairman leader Ayelet Shaked held a Facebook broadcast Thursday evening with the leaders of the struggle for the residents of South Tel Aviv, including social activist Shafi Paz.

During the broadcast Shaked slammed Prime Minister Netanyahu for the Likud party's attacks on the Yamina party.

"Mr. Prime Minister I understand that you are propagating against Yamina, but this time it will not work," she said.

"At the moment, I was sent a post by the Prime Minister who presented a man who stands out and wanted to vote for Ayelet Shaked and in the end is persuaded by others to vote to ensure that the Likud will be large," she said.

"It's exactly the opposite," Shaked added. "Likud today leads in all polls and in every internal Likud election campaign poll it has the most mandates. On the other hand, Yamina is declining because the prime minister has begun to poach mandates from Yamina. When he does this he draws on the values that are important to you such as infiltrators and the application of sovereignty."

"Whoever wants a right-wing government should vote Yamina. Only in this way can we guarantee the values of the right. Earlier, when he did this pumping, we did not pass the percentage for the threshold, and the right-wing government was not established. So the prime minister specifically fought his natural partner. I trust the public who already understand that what matters is the size of the bloc," she concluded.