Netanyahu's son: 'It's like a lynch of the soul'

For the 1st time, an interview with Yair Netanyahu airs on Israeli TV. "I pay a very high price," the PM's son says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
צילום: Flash 90

The first interview with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's son Yair on Israeli television is being aired on Thursday night on Channel 20 with Boaz Golan.

A snippet of the interview was already released on Golan's Twitter account, in which Yair explained what motivated him to begin expressing his views on social media. The younger Netanyahu is known for his often scathing posts on social media against politicians or media figures who criticize his father or the right-wing camp.

"I pay a very heavy price for the fact that I express myself on social media. But for my entire life, I sat opposite the television - in kindergarten, in elementary school and high school - and I saw the lies and horrible contempt my parents have to endure and the right-wing in general."

"I felt like I can no longer be silent and I must express my truth and the truth of a very large public in the state of Israel. Social media is a wonderful democratic tool and truly pluralistic which enables freedom of expression for myself and for a large part of the Jewish people who aren't represented in the mainstream media."

"This is something that I need to deal with all my life," Yair continued. "When I was five, they impersonated me on a political satire TV show which is against the Child Protection Law. When I was 17, before I was inducted [into the IDF], they did a major investigative show on me. What kind of investigation can you do already on a 17-year-old boy? That classmate in kindergarten said that about him? That 2nd-grade classmate said that that about him? It's ridiculous."

"People don't understand how hard it is. People who have Facebook or Instagram posts written about them that are false take it very badly. Here it's not just a post - it's major newscasts and newspaper headlines day after day - on my parents for 30 years and on me more recently. It's extremely painful. It's like a type of lynch that your soul endures over and over."