Left vs Left: Democratic Union takes aim at Blue and White

'A vote for Blue and White is a waste of a vote,' Democratic Union says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Democratic Union leaders
Democratic Union leaders
Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

The Democratic Union will begin a campaign attacking Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz in the last three days prior to the elections, Israel Hayom reported.

The new campaign will read: "Gantz, you failed to form a government. 35 Knesset seats are coming home. You didn't manage to bring a single voice from the right."

The Democratic Union will also emphasize that a vote for them is "the only vote that will certainly go to the democratic bloc and will not be sold underhandedly to the right and aid the continuation of a right-wing government - which has been destroying the country for ten years, destroying the leadership, spreading hate and incitement, and dividing Israel's society and ruining its national unity."

In the final lead-up to the elections, the party will try to show how it is different than Blue and White, which has already said it is willing to sit in a Likud-led government, provided that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is not part of it.

"Blue and White's willingness to join together with Likud, Yisrael Beytenu, and their natural, racist, discriminatory, extremist partners, is a real threat to the State of Israel and the values upon which it is founded," the campaign says.

A senior Democratic Union source told Israel Hayom that the current campaign is based on consistent statistics which show that "Gantz has not managed to bring over a single vote from the right, so he's coming back to the center-left after he already said his party is willing to sit in a secular government with the Likud."

A full 15-20% of voters are still undecided as to who to vote for, and the Democratic Union believes that many of them are concerned their vote will help form a right-wing government.

"In this context, a vote for Blue and White is a waste of a vote," the source said.