Barak: 'Cannabis industry positions waiting for Netanyahu'

Former Prime Minister Barak: 'After we relieve Netanyahu in week from post as Prime Minister, he has many vacancies just waiting for him.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Ehud Barak
Ehud Barak
Flash 90

Former Prime Minister, "Democratic Union" Chairman, and InterCure CEO Ehud Barak was interviewed at the CannX International Medical Cannabis Conference held today at the Tel Aviv Expo.

"Israel probably lost between one-third and one-quarter of the global cannabis industry's economic potential, following the regulatory delay in exporting cannabis. However, Israel has not yet lost in the global race and I definitely believe it will become a significant player in the global industry." Barak spoke to Ariel Sender, co-founder of Cann10 for production and marketing of medical cannabis and Gilad Lobbying Chairman.

Asked about the agreement signed between Likud and the Zehut Party, according to which legalization for medical cannabis will be implemented, Barak said: "Legalization isn't done for medical cannabis but for recreational purposes. It's only a meaningless political step. Netanyahu has a rich track record that he doesn't fulfill his promises."

Sender asked, "Do you think Israel should allow legalization and how?" And Barak replied "I believe we will see Israel in 5-6 years like many other countries in the world legalizing cannabis. We already see it happening in over 40 countries around the world. Cannabis has undergone a huge change of consciousness from a dangerous drug to the understanding that most cannabinoids in the plant are not dangerous."

Barak also said, "After we relieve Netanyahu in about a week from his post as Prime Minister, he has a lot of vacancies just waiting for him in the cannabis industry."

About Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz, Barak said: "I don't think Blue and White will mount the barricades against cannabis. Gantz is a serious man - he's wrong and stumbling in his path - but a serious man with many achievements. He scored an amazing achievement in the previous election campaign, and he's certainly more experienced than Prime Minister Netanyahu was when he first started out as Prime Minister in his time."

Barak also said voters should choose not the largest party but the most significant number of recommendations: "Benny Gantz tells people 'vote for us to have the biggest party' - that's not right. That's a misunderstanding. In the previous election campaign, Gantz ended with 35 seats , Bibi 35, and Bennett with 0. Why did the President impose on Bibi and not Gantz the task of forming the government? Because Bibi had more recommendations - a bigger block.

"The President's consideration is the amount of recommendations and not the size of the party. Bibi will make sure to appoint anyone who helps him form a government with 61 seats." Barak turned to Right-leaning voters and said: "You want to vote for someone who uphold your values? Vote for Ayelet Shaked. The same on the Left, those who believe in the Left's values ​​and want to end the weakening of democracy, suppression of human rights, silencing the media, the tendency to back corruption, and the vision of Jewish annexation and apartheid - it makes no sense to vote for Benny Gantz. When you give your vote to the Democratic Union, you're at least sure your vote won't go anywhere else," Barak argued.

Finally, Sender added, "Let's say you're Health Minister in the next government. What can we expect from the new Health Minister in the cannabis industry?"

Barak answered referring to cannabis export, which he claims was delayed as a result of bureaucratic procrastination created by government officials and stated that he would first appoint Ya'akov Litzman as Deputy Minister of Health. "I tell him what to do - move the 6 officials who are needed, move them to the Medical Cannabis Unit and get to work. You have 3 months to write the required regulatory clauses. The big problem is that I'd have to resign as Chairman of Canndoc, but to advance the Israeli cannabis industry, I'd do it."