Will PM guarantee sovereignty?
'Palestinians' furious: 'Stupid move'

PA PM refers to possibility Netanyahu will promise sovereignty in Judea and Samaria: 'Netanyahu chief destroyer of peace process.'

Mordechai Sones ,


Palestinian Authority "Prime Minister" Mohammad Shtayyeh warned of a scenario where Israel declares annexation of areas in Judea and Samaria as part of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's attempts to increase Likud support for the upcoming elections.

At a meeting today in Ramallah's office with Spain's consul, Shtayyeh said: "Palestine is not part of Netanyahu's election campaign, and if he believes that annexing the settlement blocs will bring him voters in the short term, then he and Israel will be the losers."

Shtayyeh further said "Netanyahu is the chief destroyer of the peace process and any foolish move he makes will have negative consequences for him in the domestic and international arena."

Shtayyeh called on Spain and the EU to recognize a Palestinian state as soon as possible to support the two-state solution.