Democratic Union candidate mourns terrorist's death

Former MK Mossi Raz pens tweet asking why terrorist responsible for murder of Jewish couple was not allowed to die a free man.

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Mossi Raz
Mossi Raz
Meir Alipur/TPS

Former MK Mossi Raz, who is running for the Knesset with the Democratic Union faction, mourned the death of Bassem Amin Muhammad Al-Sayeh, one of the terrorists responsible for the murder of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin in a shooting attack on the road between the Israeli towns of Itamar and Elon Moreh in Samaria.

"Bassem Al-Sayeh was a 47-year-old journalist from Nablus," Raz wrote on his Twitter account Monday. "He was detained in Israeli prisons since 2015 and died yesterday. Bassam was ill but was not allowed to die a free man."

Raz also wrote, "Universities in the Occupied Territories, where 240 of the students are in detention, today had a general strike following his death. Sorry to bother with marginal matters like Palestinian human life."

Raz later deleted his tweets.