Lapid: 'Bibi's become serial loser'

'The man who said, "What I want, I get", doesn't get. Didn't win elections. Didn't get majority in Knesset. Didn't form government.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Blue and White leadership
Blue and White leadership
Hezki Baruch

Blue and White Party leaders held a press conference this afternoon on the Likud's failure to pass the Camera Law.

Blue and White Chairman Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz attacked Netanyahu, claiming, "Today we unveiled Netanyahu's fraud exercise. Instead of engaging in the shooting in the South, Netanyahu wanted us to deal with conspiracies. Instead of dealing with the health and education system - he wanted us to deal with lies. Democracy has won; institutions of rule of law that Netanyahu is trying to undermine have won.

"In the next few days, Netanyahu will continue his spin - he will try to disrupt election day, challenge the results of the election, and he may bring back this law," Gantz argued. "We will not allow him. On 17.9, Blue and White will be the largest party and thus we will secure the majority rule, and rule of law."

MK Yair Lapid, the leader of the list, said: "Bibi again lost. He became a serial loser who everyone blackmails. The man who said, "What I want, I get," doesn't get. He didn't achieve election victory. He didn't get a majority in the Knesset. He didn't get a government.

"He wanted to be a strong Prime Minister, he became an hysterical, haunted Prime Minister. Around him a bunch of blackmailers and extremists, making him turn around. They'll give him immunity, he'll give them billions. He'll give them religious coercion. He'll give them an halakhic state. All at our expense. All at the expense of our children's future. He'll allow it, we won't," Lapid claimed.