Gantz: Netanyahu is making up election forgeries

Blue and White chairman: In order to cover up his own forgery, Netanyahu invents election forgery.

Hezki Baruch,

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz
Elad Malka

Blue and White party chairman MK Benny Gantz took part in an election conference in Haifa on Sunday evening, in which he blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in light of the promotion of the law placing cameras in polling stations.

"Don't believe Netanyahu's Fake News – in order to cover up his own forgery against Hamas and the rocket barrages that put Sderot's children in protected spaces, he invents election forgery. Netanyahu accuses Israeli citizens of stealing the elections. But Netanyahu knows the truth - that the south, the social issues and health have been neglected. This can be seen through one’s eyes without the needs for the lens of a camera," Gantz said.

Gantz added that "the Likud does not want to spend money on cameras at polling stations – after all, from what has been published so far, the only suspicious polls out of 100 polls that were tested is against Likud representatives. They want two other things: They want to burn the ground on election day, and they want to prepare the ground for a loss and a refusal to accept the results of the elections. We will answer them in the ballot box."

Gantz also called on the public to come out and vote and warned against a low voter turnout. "Anyone who stays home votes for Netanyahu. Anyone who votes for a small party is voting for Netanyahu. These elections are not about cameras, but about the independence of the courts. These elections are not about the functioning of [Channel 12 News reporter] Guy Peleg, but about the role of the Prime Minister. They are not a review of a TV show, but a decision on whether the Prime Minister is above the law. They are not about trips and meetings around the world, but about Israeli society and what will remain of it after Netanyahu's incitement and attempt to drag us into something approaching a civil war.”

“These elections are not a second date, after which another date will come. This is an emergency where everyone's mobilization is required. Our lives in the country will be determined first and foremost by the voter turnout. Anyone who does not vote cooperates with the threat of destroying Israeli democracy. On September 17, we will go to the polls in large numbers, religious and secular, Arabs and Jews, and we will form a majority government that will serve everyone," Gantz added.