'Netanyahu may form gov't with Amir Peretz and Benny Gantz'

'There are leaks that Bibi is already in talks with Labor, Gantz will also want to join the government,' says Yamina chairwoman.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
Flash 90

Yamina chairman Ayelet Shaked expressed support for the principle of placing cameras in the voting booths on Sunday, along with implicit reservations about the current legislative process that Likud is advancing.

"It's an important thing and the Central Elections Committee would do a good thing if it itself places the cameras," Shaked said in an interview with Walla. "I understand that the chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Judge Melcer, wants to station 3,000 supervisors with cameras and that would be good but the whole story of the legislation is Likud's campaign."

Shaked explained the need for cameras, stating, "There were forgeries in the elections. We reviewed the protocols of the voting stations. There were many forgeries, both at polling stations in the Arab sector and in the haredi sector. The way to end this is through the cameras and if the law doesn't pass now, then it will be good to advance it after the elections."

Shaked also referred to Likud's attempt to reduce Yamina, saying: "If Yamina won't be large, we won't be part of the government. There are leaks that he already began discussions with Labor and Amir Peretz, and Gantz will also want to crawl into the government. Whoever is right-wing and votes for the right - the only option is Yamina because only we will pull the government to the right. "

Shaked even referred to the possibility that Netanyahu would try to divide and conquer, leaving her and Bennett out of the government while allowing in MKs Rafi Peretz and Bezalel Smotrich. "There is no such thing," she said. "We are together and will negotiate together and nothing like that will happen. If [Yamina] isn't large, the prime minister will form a coalition with Peretz and Gantz."