Israel's guide to Rosh Hashanah 2019

Keep your Rosh Hashanah celebrations simple and sweet with these helpful tips and gift ideas from Israel.

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With just a few short weeks before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, it’s time for us to channel our inner baleboste and get crackin’ on holiday prep! While many people find the holidays stressful, especially when it comes to gift shopping for loved ones, we’ve prepared a small list of useful tips and ideas you can use to make your life a bit easier!

Know Your Budget

Before starting your holiday preparations, it’s important to have a spending plan in mind so you can avoid going overboard with your holiday shopping. Organize your thoughts by creating a few simple checklists, including ones for shopping, tasks, and menus so you can keep track of everything. Factor in what you’ll need for food, supplies, and gifts and set up spending limits to help you stick to your budget.

Shopping Smarter Makes Everything Sweeter

Once your checklists are ready, the real work can begin. Thankfully, there are still some weeks before the holidays, so use this time to think about whether you’ll be doing the bulk of your holiday shopping online or locally and act accordingly. Keep in mind that while many of your local stores will carry what you need, there are also plenty of online stores where you’ll find the same and better products for often more affordable prices. You can end up saving a lot of time, aggravation, and money just by shopping more sensibly at outlets and retailers who offer pre-holiday deals. This can be really helpful when working within a tight budget, especially if you shop in the right places.


Navigating the Gift-Giving Dilemma

As with most holidays, Rosh Hashanah offers a beautiful opportunity to spend time with friends and family, making it a great time to share gifts with those you care about. Many people choose to give traditional gifts, so here are a few gift ideas that tie perfectly with the theme of Rosh Hashanah and have the added bonus of coming from Israel:

  • Shofars - timeless and quintessentially connected to Rosh Hashanah, Shofars make excellent holiday gifts. These iconic Jewish instruments play a key role in celebrating the Jewish New Year and having one in your home can make the holidays extra special for you and your family.
  • Honey Dishes - one of Rosh Hashanah’s sweetest traditions is dipping apples and challah into delicious golden honey, so getting a nice Honey Dish to complement your table decorations can be a wonderful way to stick to the sweet theme of Rosh Hashanah!
  • Honey from Israel - don’t settle for ordinary supermarket honey when Israel’s Honey will set your taste buds buzzin’! Called the “Land of Milk and Honey” for a reason, Israel’s Honey is so good; you’ll never want to eat honey from anywhere else again once you’ve tried it.
  • Jewish Calendars - Since Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, it makes sense that a beautiful Jewish Calendar would make a lovely, affordable gift. Choose a photographic calendar from Israel to make this gift even more special.
  • Machzorim - more than just a simple prayer book, Machzors are practical and beautiful, making them wonderful Rosh Hashanah gifts. Available in many different styles, the right Rosh Hashanah Machzor can be the greatest gift of all!
  • Pomegranate Gifts - from Home Decor, to Jewelry, to Art and Judaica, pomegranates are a popular motif in Jewish and Israeli design, making it exceptionally easy to find a unique Pomegranate Gift that follows the theme of Rosh Hashanah. If you’re on a budget, consider getting something small like these stunning Rosh Hashanah Netilat Yadayim Towels.
  • Rosh Hashanah Tableware - make New Year’s really festive by setting up your holiday table with colorful Rosh Hashanah Tableware like tablecloths, gorgeous Simanim plates, stunning serving pieces and more! Not only will these items make fabulous additions to your own celebrations, but they will also make splendid hostess gifts if you’re visiting someone for chag.
  • Kosher Gift Baskets - convenient and affordable, pre-made Gift Baskets from Israel are always well received by those who appreciate the decadent flavors of the Holy Land. You’ll win at the gifting game for sure if you surprise someone with a goody-stuffed basket full of Israel’s yummiest delights!

With these tips and ideas in mind, we hope your holiday shopping will go as smooth as honey! After all, while Rosh Hashanah may not be a holiday traditionally associated with gift-giving, there’s no denying that giving and receiving special holiday gifts make the celebrations so much sweeter!