Report: Israel was close to attacking Iran in 2012

Obama Administration sent officials to Israel every few weeks to prevent attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Gary Willig ,

Netanyahu and Obama at the White House
Netanyahu and Obama at the White House
Flash 90

Israel was close to launching an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities in 2012, despite opposition from the Obama Administration, the New York Times reported.

Israel had delayed a joint military exercise which had been scheduled for spring, 2012, prompting concerns among American officials that an attack on Iran was imminent.

The administration sent a series of officials to Israel to "Bibisit" Prime Minister Netanyahu and convince him to hold off on any attack every few weeks. In addition, then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta showed then Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak video of an American strike on an exact replica of the Fordow nuclear facility using an advanced bunker buster bomb. Barak was impressed by the footage of the complete destruction of the facility.

Israel had launched a number of drones into Iranian airspace from Azerbaijan as part of the preparations for the strike.

Netanyahu stated that his intentions to attack Iran were "not a bluff" and that it was opposition within his own government and Cabinet which ultimately prevented any attack.