'Palestinian' flag hung on Petah Tikva building

Fires set near Petah Tikva municipal building, 'Palestinian' flag hung on building's wall.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police car
Police car

A "Palestinian" flag was hung on the wall of a Petah Tikva municipality building, and a large container of plastic bottles and an in-ground garbage can were burned, Maariv reported.

The incidents occurred Tuesday night, at the entrance to the city's municipal building on Ha'aliya Hashniya Street.

Residents who live near the municipality called firefighting teams to the site, after discovering that the thick smoke disturbed their rest. Israel Police forces, including a police sapper, municipal police officers, and the municipality's Security Chief Yariv Sandlon, arrived at the scene and began searching the area.

The mayor, Rami Greenberg, was called to the scene to inspect his vehicle, which he had left parked in its usual place.

Greenberg has received several threats since taking office.

In the coming days, Petah Tikva is expected to conduct extensive investigations regarding the identities of the illegal infiltrators in the city, due to a court ruling that the municipality must ensure that all the children of infiltrators living in Petah Tikva are placed in appropriate schools. The court also said that infiltrators have three weeks to prove that they live in Petah Tikva, or their children will not be placed in the city's schools.

According to Maariv, many of the infiltrators have run into problems, since they cannot bring proofs that show they live in Petah Tikva.

Security agencies are investigating the incident, and promised to "investigate every possibility."

"At this point, it is too early to be able to identify the suspects or their motives," Greenberg said Tuesday night. "We will know more in the morning. At any rate, no event like this will deter me or prevent me from continuing to serve the city's residents with the same devotion."