'Embroidering Light' expresses essence of Ori'

Noa Ansbacher, mother of Ori, tells about power of venture in memory of her daughter: 'Movement that takes away awful pain, creates growth.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Brocade in memory of Ori Ansbacher
Brocade in memory of Ori Ansbacher
Hezki Baruch

Noa Ansbacher, mother of Ori Ansbacher tonight inaugurated the embroidery display of the "Embroidering Light" venture in memory of her daughter.

In the venture, women from 11 countries and 291 communities in Israel. They clustered in small groups and embroidered pieces of cloth in memory of Ori.

In the end, 5,164 tapestries were collected, some sewn for a wedding canopy and others joined into a large, unique brocade.

"The Light Embroidery Initiative is the product of a redemption movement that connects masses of women from different worldviews and backgrounds to a whole tapestry of love and unity," Ansbacher said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

She says, "It's a movement that speaks to femininity from a clean, pure, and very gentle and powerful place. It takes this awful pain and out of it creates and grows.

"To me, this movement expresses the essence of who Ori was in the world. On that awful day that Ori was gone, I feel her light was shattered to shreds, but spread out greatly and touched thousands of women. I pray that the movement that started out of this crisis will be strengthened and bring salvation,” Noa Ansbacher added.