Bereaved father directs message to drivers

'I want to tell people to drive carefully,' says bereaved father, adding, 'What they do to parents, it's simply family destruction.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Tamir, the father of Yarin and the late Tahel Ma'ul
Tamir, the father of Yarin and the late Tahel Ma'ul

Tamir, the father of Yarin and the late Tahel Ma'ul who was killed in an accident in Ashkelon on Thursday morning and their 14-year-old sister Adele was severely injured in the accident, sought to convey a message to the Israeli public.

"I want to convey that people should drive carefully," the bereaved father said today, adding, "Some people don't understand the meaning of a vehicle."

He said, "What they do to parents. It's simply destruction of families. Parents who raised the children for years and the cost is very heavy. Very, very heavy."

A preliminary check by accident investigators revealed that shortly after 3:00 a.m., the vehicle with the sisters and brother-in-law crashed into a tree after the driver lost control. As a result of the collision, the car's engine detached and was sent hurtling to the center of the road, while all the car's occupants were seriously injured.

Ashkelon Mayor Tomer Glam, who attended the sisters' funeral on Thursday, told them: "The heart breaks and refuses to believe that we are forever laying to rest two of the city's daughters, sisters who in life and death never parted. This Sunday, when city students open the school year - the place of Tahel will remain empty and orphaned. That isn't what should have happened; it shouldn't have ended this way."