Watch: Hasidic Jewish couple harassed on UK train

Jewish couple in Manchester harassed on train by man ranting about 'situation in Gaza'.

Marcy Oster, JTA ,

Commuter train in UK (stock image)
Commuter train in UK (stock image)

An identifiably Jewish couple was harassed about Israel’s treatment of Gaza during a train ride in Manchester, England.

The anti-Semitic rant against the couple, dressed in Hasidic garb, was filmed by another passenger in the Metrolink on Thursday night, the Manchester Evening News reported.

The man called across the train car to the couple, asking them: “Does he know about the situation in Gaza?”

The man, who said he was from “Palestine,” was challenged by other passengers but continued his tirade. “I’m just asking one single question,” he said. “How is that an inflammatory question?”

The woman, 27, who filmed the incident told the Manchester newspaper that she reported it to the Community Support Trust, an organization for reporting anti-Semitic hate crime.