'They attacked her, abused her, and locked her up'

Arab parents accused of neglecting and seriously abusing their daughter are indicted.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sad girl
Sad girl

The Central District Prosecutor's Office on Monday afternoon submitted an indictment to the District Court against the parents of a 7-year-old girl from Lod.

Originally reported to be 5 years old, the girl was found tied in her home's bathroom last month. Both she and her mother are in Israel illegally.

The indictment charges the parents with several counts of abuse by a caregiver together, attacks which caused serious bruising committed by a caregiver against a minor, neglect of a minor by a caregiver, and unjustly locking someone up together.

The crimes were committed over a lengthy period of time, most of them within the past year. In addition, the father is charged with crimes of polygamy.

The facts from the indictment reveal a large number of violent incidents, alongside serious abuse and negligence. Among other things, the parents are accused of attacking their daughter with their hands and with objects which caused burns and serious injuries over every part of their child's body. The parents abused their daughter by showering her with burning water, locked her in her room or the bathroom, and bound her hand and foot with a rope until she suffered serious bruises.

In addition, the parents deprived her of food and did not ensure she received proper medical care. They also left her alone at home without proper supervision.

When the girl lived at home with her parents, her mother attacked her and shoved her in the back down a flight of steps, causing her to break her left arm.

The Prosecutor's Office has requested that the parents remain under arrest until the completion of the proceedings against them.

Initially, the father's attorney, Hai Uzan, told 103 FM Radio, that the parents "deny the charges, the abuse, and everything that is believed to have occurred in their apartment."

"Their version is that they left the apartment with their youngest three children, allowing the girl to sleep and relying on the neighbors to keep an eye out for her. At some point they received a phone call from a neighbor who had arrived at the building, He called the father to say that he heard screams from the apartment. The father immediately left everything and ran home, where he met police officers."