Finance Ministry reaches agreement with Israel Teachers' Union

Negotiations between Finance Ministry, teachers, reach dead end as teachers threaten not to begin school year on Sunday.

Orly Harari , | updated: 14:17

Schoolgirls (illustrative)
Schoolgirls (illustrative)

Negotiations between the Finance Ministry and the Israel Teachers' Union (ITU) ended Friday without a solution and with the teachers threatening to delay the beginning of the school year, scheduled for Sunday.

Initially, the Ministry was expected to request that the labor court order the teachers to start the year on time.

However, later on Friday, it was announced that the sides reached an agreement and that the school year will start on time.

On Thursday, 2,000 teachers demonstrated at the Tel Aviv Museum, attempting to pressure the Education and Finance ministries to accede to their demands, most of which focus on pensions, the proposed reforms for special education, and teachers who work at several different schools.

ITU Secretary-General Yaffa Ben David said at the demonstration: "We are not asking for donations from anyone. We are asking for compensation for our work. This is the most exhausting profession in Israel."

"Until now, educators worked even when they were completely spent. They continued giving with infinite dedication. There's a limit to everything - the State of Israel does not respect educators, who are the spearhead of the State of Israel," she said.