Watch: Dozens riot in Issawiya village

Dozens riot last night while throwing firebombs and rocks at police and media in Issawiya in eastern Jerusalem.

Mordechai Sones ,

Issawiya riots
Issawiya riots
Israel Police

Dozens rioted during an IDF operation in Issawiya, eastern Jerusalem, throwing firebombs and rocks at police officers and media personnel.

Police responded to allegations that media personnel were also harmed in the operation, stressing that media crews were asked to move away due to concern for their life: "the police have allowed and continue to allow the journalistic activities of media persons in Issawiya, in addition to preventing personal injury."

Police note that in recent times, Israeli police officers have been dealing with violence and attempts to strike at them in Issawiya village, and only a few days ago a pipe bomb was thrown at Border Police officers there. These firebombs, rocks, fireworks, and other means of sabotage are also directed at Israeli citizens and not only at the police who seek to prevent, arrest, and eradicate these violent violations of order.

"Thanks to police activity in the area in recent months, there has been a sharp decline in rock throwing, firebombings, and other crimes against innocent civilians and travelers."