Feiglin: Zehut has the DNA of a ruling party

Moshe Feiglin says he will be there on election day. 'Those with a strong identity recognize reality even when it is unpopular.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Zehut Party Chairman Moshe Feiglin delivered a speech Tuesday evening at a party conference in which he maed it clear that he does not intend to withdraw from the race for the Knesset.

"I am not retiring," Feiglin stated, "the vision and mission of Zehut are here to stay, and Zehut is a party whose DNA is that of the a ruling party."

"This is not a party of one idea. It is a platform that comes to serve the entire people. And I promise I will give you all that Zehut will be there on election day. I am not dust in the wind," Feiglin said.

"Tremendous pressure has been put on me all the time. Temptations have been placed before me. And fake stories like the one one that I'm announcing my withdrawal tonight. I'm not backing down from my promise!

"Anyone who has a solid identity remains connected to reality even when it is unpopular. Yes, only one who has a solid identity, can always say - even when it is not very popular - it is our country, our holy land, from the sea to the Jordan - our land alone! And it does not belong to any other people," he said. "We will never give it up - not our land, not our identity, and not our freedom, because they are all intertwined and arise from each other."

"There is no freedom without land - no land without identity - no identity without liberty - everything is one unit. It all stems from one another."