Rina Shnerb's family: 'We won't be broken'

'Two nations say they love the Land of Israel. One expresses it by throwing bombs, the other by hiking,' says Rina Shnerb's brother-in-law.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Avichai and Tamar Lavnoni
Avichai and Tamar Lavnoni
Credit: Arutz Sheva

Tamar and Avichai Lavnoni, sister and brother-in-law of Rina Shnerb, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the family's message to the Jewish people following the terror attack on Friday in the Danny spring in Binyamin, which killed Rina and wounded her father and brother.

"Rabbi Eitan and Shira and the whole family are constantly saying that the message is that we are getting stronger," Avichai said. "We won't lose strength. We are growing from this incident - we grow from every difficulty and we'll even grow from this horrible difficulty. The Jewish people also grows from its difficulties."

Tamar added, "We haven't absorbed anything yet. The entire Jewish people is here, they're with us. We feel all of the Jewish people. On Shabbat, we felt the embrace of the Jewish people. This isn't only our personal mourning, it will never be just our mourning."

Avichai described the reaction of Rina's father, Rabbi Eitan, immediately after the attack in which he himself was injured. "Immediately after the blast, Rabbi Eitan shouted 'Rina, Rina' and when she didn't answer he understood what had happened to his daughter. He sat next to her for about half an hour until the rescue forces arrived. He told Dvir 'she died as a sacrifice to the public.' The mourning is not our private mourning. It's an empty space for the whole nation that we need to complete now. This is not just a task for the Shnerb family, but for all of Israel - how we fulfill the legacy that Rina left us."

"Two nations say they love the land of Israel," Avichai continued. "One throws explosive devices and the other goes for a hike. We won't be broken by this. We'll show them and the Jewish people that when they try to break us, we will only be strengthened."

Tamar said about Rina: "It's important to me that everyone should know that Rina always wanted to do good deeds, she always tried to help and that's how we will eternalize her. Everyone who wants to be a partner, we're requesting to take on acts of kindness."

"Rina always tried to clarify her place in the world. We think that people who aren't satisfied with trivial answers but only serious answers and who don't settle for small things are living a great life. And that's the life that Rina wanted to live and lived - a great life, a life of meaning - and that's how we will eternalize her."