MK Tibi: 'I won't join Benny Gantz's gov't of generals'

MK Tibi rejects Joint List chairman Odeh's statement that his party would join Blue and White. 'This is a utopian scenario.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint List)
MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint List)
Credit: Flash 90

MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint List) responded on Wednesday evening to the remarks of his party chairman, MK Ayman Odeh, that he would be willing to sit in a government led by Benny Gantz if a series of demands were met for Israeli Arabs.

"I will not be a member of Gant's 'government of generals' of Gantz, Ya'alon and Ashkenazi. Also Ayman Odeh and the other party leaders on the list," Tibi told Yaakov Ayalon in an interview on Channel 13 News.

"There's a difference between the headline and Odeh's actual interview. In a social media post, he explained that he intends to enter the government only after the end of the 'occupation' and the establishment of a Palestinian state, among other things. It seems that the 'occupation' won't end after the elections, and therefore this is a utopian scenario, which aims to make a statement and express that we want to have more influence on the political system."

Tibi also noted that the idea of the Joint List joining another political bloc has not gained the agreement of all the parties which comprise the list. "A political bloc is a way to gain influence. However, there has not been an agreement to this among the four parties on our list. Nevertheless, we have a common interest in raising the voting rate and we want to have more influence."

Earlier, Blue and White leader Yair Lapid said regarding Odeh's comments. "Odeh can't say 'we'll sit with them in the government' and then join with Balad - a group of Israel haters who don't recognize the Jewish state. This is double talk that's not acceptable to any of us. Odeh needs to first look at his political home and see who he let into his home before he begins coalition negotiations."