'Supreme Court ruling makes Israel a state of all its citizens'

Outrage after Supreme Court fines company for refusing to sell J'lem apartment to Arab couple. "Bullying in the form of a judge's robe."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Meni Mazuz
Meni Mazuz
Miriam Alster, Flash 90

The High Court of Justice on Tuesday ruled against a company which refused to sell an apartment to an Arab couple in Jerusalem.

A panel composed of High Court Justices ruled that the apartment company had discriminated against the couple and ordered him to pay a fine of NIS 40,000.

The couple have been living in Jerusalem for the past 20 years. They wanted to buy an apartment to suit their disabled son, and were interested in an apartment in a new residential project in the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood, which is being marketed by entrepreneurial company Mi-Tal Engineering. In a telephone conversation with the company's representative, it was made clear to them that the company would not sell any apartments in the project to Arabs.

The Movement for a Jewish and Democratic state slammed Justice Meni Mazuz following his ruling.

"Sir, Justice Minister Amir Ohana," the movement wrote, "while you are appointing a new CEO (may you have good luck with that), Honorable Justice Meni Mazuz has already made Israel the state of all its citizens. From now on, it is impossible to refuse to sell an apartment to an Arab anywhere in Israel except in small religious communities. The judicial revolution is underway, and the High Court is laughing with disregard all along the way, galloping into doom."

"From now on, there is no longer a city that is not mixed in the country (except of course Arab cities, which a Jew would not dare to live in ...). From now on, when the legislature decides something - his royal highness, the Supreme Court, states the opposite. This is bullying in a judge's cloak."