Paris: Man shoots waiter dead over wait for sandwich

28-year-old waiter at Paris restaurant shot by customer who complained sandwich took to long to make.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Restaurant (illustration)
Restaurant (illustration)

A waiter at a restaurant near Paris was shot dead by a customer who complained that he had waited too long for a sandwich.

The unusual incident occurred Friday night in the Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand.

The 28-year-old waiter was shot in the shoulder by the outraged diner, and was declared dead at the scene.

The other waiters at the restaurant told police that the customer became angry after waiting long for his restaurant meal, which sells pizzas and sandwiches.

"It's sad," said a 28-year-old woman who lives nearby. 'It's a quiet restaurant, with no problems. It opened just a few months ago. "