Policeman who stopped lynching: 'I'll get you out'

Officer who saved driver from lynch attempt near Old City recalls how he drove away mob of attackers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police patrol Old City of Jerusalem (archive)
Police patrol Old City of Jerusalem (archive)

Capt. Effie Kahani, a police investigator at the Shalem Station in Jerusalem, left his office at about midnight on Saturday night and began driving home when he noticed a group of Arabs surrounding a car and throwing stones at the driver. The near-lynching occurred outside the walls of the Old City.

Kahani got out of his vehicle and fired in the air to chase the attackers away. "I explained to the driver that I would pull him out," the investigator said.

The Arabs fled when Kahani fired into the air, allowing the policeman to rescue the driver.

Immediately after, Kahani helped the citizen to a safe place, where he calmed him down and alerted a medical team that arrived treated him, as well as other police forces who opened scans to locate the suspects.

Police investigative efforts have so far resulted in the arrest of three suspected Arabs, "We intend to continue our efforts to put our hands on all involved," it said.